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This page generated: December 10 2003

Feature list

  • distributed settings support - share one code convention across multiple machines/platforms
  • easy switching between several code conventions
  • several pre-configured brace styles (C, Sun, GNU), but fully user-configurable
  • auto-insertion/removal of obsolete braces
  • special empty braces handling
  • wide range of whitespace options for method declarations/calls, brackets, parentheses, operators, delimeters...
  • prepending of leading whitespace before every line
  • powerful indentation/alignment capabilities
  • configurable line wrapping
  • controlable amount of blank lines between certain sections, blocks, statements...
  • comment removal for all sorts of comments
  • special comments to prohibit formatting for certain pieces of code (uses the Jindent syntax to retain backward compatibility)
  • auto-insertion of missing Javadoc comments (selectively configurable for the different access levels) with variable interpolation
  • auto-removal/insertion/correction of obsolete/missing/wrong Javadoc standard tags
  • auto-insertion of parentheses around expressions to make operator precedence obvious
  • auto-insertion of a serial version UID for serializable classes
  • sorting of class/interface/variable/constructor/method declarations
  • sorting of access modifiers
  • insertion of separation comments between class/interface/variable/constructor/method declarations
  • insertion of custom header/footer templates at the begin/end of every file (with variable interpolation)
  • sorting/grouping of import declarations
  • import optimization: expansion of on-demand import declarations to several single-type declarations (and vice versa). As of today only implemented for the Ant and JBuilder Plug-in
  • configurable message output
  • numbered backups (1-30)
  • multi-processor support
  • client API to make integration with other tools easy
  • graphical application to customize the settings (with live-preview)
  • powerful command line interface with regular expression filtering (Console Plug-in)
  • several Plug-ins to integrate with common Java applications (current set includes Ant, Eclipse, JBuilder, JDeveloper, jEdit and NetBeans/Sun ONE Studio)
  • "OSI Certified Open Source Software" software, released under a BSD License
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