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Chapter 10. jEdit Plug-in

Describes the installation and usage of the Jalopy jEdit Plug-in.

10.1. Installation

Explains the steps involved to install the jEdit Plug-in.

10.1.1. System requirements

The Jalopy jEdit Plug-in requires at least jEdit 4.1pre1 and MessageView 0.1.0. If you want to import/exprt XML settings, you need the XML Plug-in also. Refer to the Jalopy user manual for the basic requirements to run Jalopy (You may find the latest version on the Jalopy website, http://jalopy.sf.net/installation.html)

To obtain more information about this wonderful Editor, visit the official jEdit homepage: http://www.jedit.org/

10.1.2. Installation

The Plug-in comes either as a single .zip or compressed .tar archive. Unzipping either one of these files into a directory of your choice (referred to as <INST_DIR>) will produce two subdirectories /docs and /lib.

  docs/      contains the documentation
  lib/       contains all necessary libraries

If there is already an older version of Jalopy installed, you have to remove it prior to install. Open the Plugin Manager via Plugins->Plugin Manager, select the Jalopy Java Source Code Formatter entry and press Remove Plugins.

Further installation is simple: just copy all .jar files contained in the <INST_DIR>/lib folder into the /jars directory of your jEdit distribution. jEdit will then need to be restarted before Jalopy begins working.

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