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koalaGMLJava/Swing Code Generator
OpenUSSJ2EE-based E-Learning platform
FormsWizard, PLSQLWizardTranslators for Oracle applications to Java (commercial)

Related Open Source projects

Artistic StyleJava Source Code Indentation Filter
BaratCode Parser/Analyser
CheckStyleJava Coding Convention Checker
ImportScrubberJava Import Optimizer
JacobeJava Source Code Formatter (not Open Source, but free)
JCSCJava Coding Style Checker
JRefactoryJava Refactoring Tool
Mozart Development EnvironmentFramework for user extensible compilers and development tools
PMDJava source code analyser/checker
QDoxFramework for extracting class/interface/method definitions
RecoderSource Code Metaprogramming Framework
RevJavaReview assistant for Java programs
TransmogrifyJava Refactoring Tool

Related commercial projects

CodeCompanionJava Coding Convention Checker
JindentJava Source Code Formatter
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