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Chapter 8. JBuilder OpenTool

Describes the installation and usage of the Jalopy JBuilder Plug-in OpenTool.

8.1. Installation

Explains the steps involved to install the JBuilder Plug-in.

8.1.1. System requirements

The JBuilder Plug-in requires JBuilder 5.0 or higher. It has only been tested with JBuilder Personal 6.0 and 7.0. See Section 1.1, “System requirements” for the basic requirements to run Jalopy.

To obtain more information about this powerful IDE, visit the official JBuilder homepage at the Borland site: http://www.borland.com/jbuilder/

8.1.2. Installation

The Plug-in comes either as a single .zip or compressed .tar file. Unzipping either one of these files into a directory of your choice (referred to as <INST_DIR>) will produce two subdirectories /docs and /lib.

  docs/      contains documentation
  lib/       contains all necessary libraries

Remove all files from any prior Jalopy version from your JBuilder extension directory (/lib/ext).

Further installation is simple: just copy all files from your <INST_DIR>/lib folder into the /lib/ext directory of your JBuilder distribution. JBuilder will then need to be restarted before Jalopy begins working.

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