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This page generated: December 10 2003

11.2. Integration

Shows how the Plug-in is integrated into the NetBeans IDE.

11.2.1. Workspace main menu

The software adds two new menu items into the main menu of the current Workspace to seamlessly integrate with NetBeans:

  • Build->Format [All] (Ctrl-Shift-F10).

    Formats the currently selected node(s).

    Only available if there are indeed nodes selected which represents or contains Java source files.

  • Tools->Jalopy Options....

    Displays the Jalopy settings dialog.

    Use this item if you want to change your settings to control the layout of any formatted code.

11.2.2. Explorer popup-menu

The Format [All] item can be also reached via the popup menu of the Explorer. Note that the item only appears for folder nodes or plain Java source files. It does not work for form based nodes.

If it happens that a file has an open editor view, this view will be updated, not the actual file. You have to save the view first to see the physical file updated.

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