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This page generated: December 10 2003

Chapter 1. Installation

Provides a quick introduction on how to install a binary Jalopy distribution.

1.1. System requirements

Jalopy requires a properly configured JDK or JRE version 1.3 or later on your system.

Jalopy depends on and comes with several freely available Java libraries. For more information regarding this 3rd party libraries refer to Appendix A, Library Dependencies.

Incompatibility with Sun JDK 1.4

The contained Javadoc parser may not work properly under Sun JDK 1.4. Refer to Section 4.3.9, “Javadoc” for more information regarding this issue.

1.2. Installing Jalopy

Installation depends on the distribution you received. Please refer to the individual Plug-in chapters in Part II, “Plug-ins” for detailed information.

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