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Chapter 6. Console Application

The Console application provides a powerful command line interface for Jalopy.

6.1. Installation

Explains the steps involved to install the Console Plug-in.

6.1.1. System requirements

See Section 1.1, “System requirements” for the basic requirements to run Jalopy.

6.1.2. Installation

The Plug-in comes either as a single .zip or compressed .tar file. Unzipping either one of these files into a directory of your choice (referred to as <INST_DIR>) will produce three subdirectories /bin, /docs and /lib.

  bin/       contains wrapper scripts for different platforms
  docs/      contains the documentation
  lib/       contains all necessary libraries

Wrapper scripts are provided for the common platforms, so you may want to add the /bin folder to your path. If your platform is not covered you should make use of the -jar option of the Java application launcher (the java -jar command), since this requires no classpath manipulation. If you don't want to use the -jar option, you have to add the .jar files as usual to your classpath.

For the Unix Bash shell, this means can be achieved using

export CLASSPATH=${CLASSPATH}:<INST_DIR>/lib/jalopy-console-<version>.jar

For Windows, use something like

set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;<INST_DIR>\lib\jalopy-console-<version>.jar

Refer to your system documentation on how to apply these changes more permanently.

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