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Jalopy is a source code formatting tool for the Sun Java Programming Language. It can insert and remove indentation, enforce brace styles, wrap lines, sort and group imports, add headers and footers, handle whitespace, insert/remove and correct Javadoc entries to match method signatures and much more.

If your development team can agree on a coding style, Jalopy can help you maintain it, without any browbeating or bloodletting. With a simple Ant target, you can format all the source into the style, as often as you like.

Jalopy is written in Java and there are several Plug-ins available to integrate the formatting engine into some of the more popular Java applications, including Ant, Eclipse, JBuilder, JDeveloper, jEdit and NetBeans/Sun ONE Studio.

Jalopy is "OSI Certified Open Source Software", released under a BSD License. For the individual license terms of the provided Plug-ins, please refer to the different Plug-in chapters in Part II, “Plug-ins”.

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