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First and foremost I wish to thank the creators of the free software libraries I use. Jalopy includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation, the BlueJ Group, David Brownell, Michael H. Kay, the JDOM group, David Megginson, Terence Parr, Slava Pestov, Aaron M. Renn and Sun Microsystems, Inc.. Please refer to Appendix A, Library Dependencies for a more detailed list and the individual licensing terms.

I would like to say a big thanks to Michael Callum, Frank Klomp, Roman Sarychev, David Beutel, Denis N. Antonioli and Kees Kuip who contributed code.

Thanks also to all users who provided feedback, submitted bug reports and requested new features.

A special thanks to Larry Hamel for the initial proof-reading of this manual.

Last but not least, I wish to thank the SourceForge crew for not only hosting the Jalopy web site and providing the collaborative development infrastructure but also for their help and support in getting things up and running.

And finally, my special thanks to the bright light in the big city, whose love has been a home and a foreign country, the best of both worlds.

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