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Jalopy is a source code formatter for the Sun Java programming language. It layouts any valid Java source code according to some widely configurable rules; to meet a certain coding style without putting a formatting burden on individual developers.

Jalopy 1.4 has been released

TRIEMAX Software announced a new release of the commercial successor which provides enhanced functionality and improved stability.

Enhancements since 1.3

  • Support for Eclipse on Mac OS X
  • Cursor restore at the column level
  • Wrapping of parameterized types and import declarations
  • Enhanced printing of multi-dimensional arrays
  • Grouping of static imports possible
  • Custom styled separator comments
  • NetBeans 4.0 support
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With Jalopy you will be able to transform any foreign coding style to your own liking, without any browbeating or bloodletting.

Jalopy's functionality covers:

Jalopy is "OSI Certified Open Source Software", released under a BSD License. Please refer to Appendix A for the license terms of the accompanying 3rd party libraries and the different Plug-in chapters for the license terms of the provided Plug-ins.

Current version: 1.0b11

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