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This page generated: December 10 2003

4.2. Projects

Enables you to manage your Jalopy settings in a project-like manner. For every project you define, Jalopy creates a new subdirectory (under its main settings directory), where all related files will be stored.

The list component displays all currently known project spaces. Click on an entry to see what actions are available.

The different actions are:

  • Add...

    Displays a dialog that lets you define a new project. The project meta-information consists of a name and a short description. The name defines the subdirectory where all project settings will reside, therefore you should avoid characters that your platform does not allow to be used in file paths.

  • Remove

    Lets you remove the selected project. A project may only be removed if it is not active. The default project cannot be removed.

  • Activate

    Activates the selected project. The stored settings will be loaded and the configuration dialog updates accordingly.

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