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This page generated: December 10 2003

7.2. Integration

Shows how the Plug-in is integrated into the Eclipse IDE.

7.2.1. Main menu bar

Currently, the software adds a new item into the main menu bar of Eclipse to launch the Jalopy settings dialog. Note that the this configuration dialog is actually a Java Swing dialog launched in-process so the appearance and behaviour may slightly differ compared to native applications. A future version will bring tightly integration with the Eclipse workbench preferences dialog.

  • Window->Jalopy Settings...

    Displays the Jalopy settings dialog. Use this item if you want to change the settings that control the layout of any formatted code.

The menu item appears only for certain views/editors. If you want to enable it permanently, mark Window->Customize Perspective...->Action Sets->Jalopy

7.2.2. Java Editor context menu

The software adds a new menu item to the context menu of Java editors.

  • Format with Jalopy

    Formats the contents of the editor.

7.2.3. Project, Folder, File context menus

The software adds a new menu item to the context menu of projects, folders and Java source files in the navigation view of the Java perspective.

  • Format

    Formats the selected files. Depending on the object type (project, folder, file) formats either all Java source files of the project, the contents of the selected folder(s) (including subfolders) or the currently selected Java source file(s).

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