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4.4.2. Naming

Lets you specify the naming constraints for different Java source file elements. These constraints are naturally expressed with regular expressions (Perl 5.003 syntax).

The list component displays all covered elements along with their current regular expression.

Selecting an item in the list and either pressing the Change... button or double-clicking on the item will open a little regular expression testing tool that can be used to interactively craft a valid regular expression. Regular expression tester

The regular expression tester lets you interactively specifiy a valid regular expression that matches a certain String pattern.

  • Regexp

    The Regexp text field is where you have to insert the regular expression. This text field initially contains the current regular expression for the list item that is under construction.

    The used regular expression syntax is that of Perl 5.003. See Mastering Regular Expressions [Friedl97] for an in-depth look at this regular expression flavor.

  • String

    The String text field is where you have to type a String that should be matched by the specified regular expression. This text field is initially empty; you have to enter a String in order to be able to test the regular expression.

Once you have setup up the text fields you can either use the Test button to soley perform the pattern matching test or the Apply button which both performs testing and - on success - closes the dialog and updates the list.

You can always use the Cancel button to cancel editing. The dialog will be closed nd no changes made to the list.

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