Jalopy 1.0b10

Jalopy 1.0b10 API Specification

Jalopy is a powerful source code formatting tool for the Sun Java programming language.


Core engine
de.hunsicker.jalopy Contains the main classes to directly interact with the Jalopy formatting engine.
de.hunsicker.jalopy.language Contains all classes related to the task of language recognition and processing.
de.hunsicker.jalopy.storage The Jalopy runtime and persistant state storage and configuration facility.

Graphical user interface support
de.hunsicker.jalopy.swing Provides some building blocks to make implementing a Swing-based, graphical user interface for the Jalopy code convention settings easy.

Plug-in support
de.hunsicker.jalopy.plugin Supplies the Plug-in hook for the integration with other Java applications.

Console Plug-in
de.hunsicker.jalopy.plugin.console The command line interface for Jalopy.


Jalopy is a powerful source code formatting tool for the Sun Java programming language.

It layouts any valid Java source code according to some widely configurable rules; to meet a certain coding style without putting a formatting burden on individual developers. With Jalopy you will be able to transform any foreign coding style to your own liking, without any browbeating or bloodletting.


Intended Audience

This API documentation will interest anyone who wants to incorporate Jalopy in his/her product or 3rd party application. As Jalopy is written in Java, this likely means Java developers dealing with Java applications.


Typical Uses

Integrated Application Environments If the application supports custom extensions written in Java, the Jalopy Plug-in API (de.hunsicker.jalopy.plugin) and support classes (de.hunsicker.jalopy.swing) are what you're looking for.

But you can always invoke and configure Jalopy from the command-line via the Console Plug-in (ConsolePlugin.main(java.lang.String[])) and the Swing-based, graphical configuration dialog (SettingsDialog.main(java.lang.String[])).

Code generators, Build tools Depending on your application scenario, it is best and quite easy to use the Jalopy Bean interface (Jalopy), but the Console Plug-in (ConsolePlugin.main(java.lang.String[])) might be a powerful alternative with easy access and some nice implementation features (like multi-threading support).
Shell scripts Either use the Console Plug-in (ConsolePlugin.main(java.lang.String[])) directly or via the wrapper scripts that comes with the Console distribution.

Jalopy 1.0b10

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