Jalopy 1.0b10

Package de.hunsicker.jalopy.storage

The Jalopy runtime and persistant state storage and configuration facility.


Class Summary
Convention Represents a code convention: the settings that describe the desired coding style for Java source files.
Convention.Key A key for storing a value in a code convention.
ConventionDefaults Holds the default code convention values (Sun Java Coding Style).
ConventionKeys Provides the valid keys for accessing the values in a code convention.
Environment Provides access to global and local environment variables (key/value pairs).
Environment.Variable Represents a local environment variable.
History History serves as a tracker for file modifications.
History.ChecksumCharArrayWriter A writer that calculates a checkum during the writing process.
History.Entry Represents a history entry.
History.Method Represents the method used to identify dirty files and changed files.
History.Policy Represents a history policy.
ImportPolicy Represents an import policy.
Key Deprecated. Replaced by Convention.Key.
Loggers Exposes the loggers that are used throughout the system.
Project Represents a project to associate specific settings with.

Package de.hunsicker.jalopy.storage Description

The Jalopy runtime and persistant state storage and configuration facility. Provides a means to access and manage both runtime-only and persistent state information.

Jalopy 1.0b10

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