Jalopy 1.0b10

Uses of Package

Packages that use de.hunsicker.jalopy.swing
de.hunsicker.jalopy.plugin Supplies the Plug-in hook for the integration with other Java applications. 
de.hunsicker.jalopy.swing Provides some building blocks to make implementing a Swing-based, graphical user interface for the Jalopy code convention settings easy. 

Classes in de.hunsicker.jalopy.swing used by de.hunsicker.jalopy.plugin
          Common interface for objects that monitor the progress of an operation.

Classes in de.hunsicker.jalopy.swing used by de.hunsicker.jalopy.swing
          Skeleton implementation of a settings page.
          Settings page for the Jalopy printer header settings.
          The Jalopy settings dialog provides a graphical user interface to manage, display and interactively test and edit the available code convention and asorted configuration settings.
          Indicates that some user specified input violates some data constraint.

Jalopy 1.0b10

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