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Packages that use Jalopy.State
de.hunsicker.jalopy Contains the main classes to directly interact with the Jalopy formatting engine. 
de.hunsicker.jalopy.plugin Supplies the Plug-in hook for the integration with other Java applications. 

Uses of Jalopy.State in de.hunsicker.jalopy

Fields in de.hunsicker.jalopy declared as Jalopy.State
static Jalopy.State Jalopy.State.OK
          Indicates a finished run without any warnings or errors.
static Jalopy.State Jalopy.State.WARN
          Indicates a finished run which produced warnings.
static Jalopy.State Jalopy.State.ERROR
          Indicates a finished run, that failed.
static Jalopy.State Jalopy.State.PARSED
          Indicates a successful parse phase.
static Jalopy.State Jalopy.State.INSPECTED
          Indicates a successful inspection phase.
static Jalopy.State Jalopy.State.RUNNING
          Indicates the running state (no phase yet finished).
static Jalopy.State Jalopy.State.UNDEFINED
          Indicates the undefined state (a run was not yet startet).

Methods in de.hunsicker.jalopy that return Jalopy.State
 Jalopy.State Jalopy.getState()
          Returns the current state info.

Uses of Jalopy.State in de.hunsicker.jalopy.plugin

Methods in de.hunsicker.jalopy.plugin that return Jalopy.State
 Jalopy.State AbstractPlugin.getState()
          Returns the state info of Plug-in.

Jalopy 1.0b10

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