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de.hunsicker.jalopy Contains the main classes to directly interact with the Jalopy formatting engine. The Jalopy runtime and persistant state storage and configuration facility. 

Uses of History.Policy in de.hunsicker.jalopy

Methods in de.hunsicker.jalopy with parameters of type History.Policy
 void Jalopy.setHistoryPolicy(History.Policy policy)
          Sets the history policy to use.

Uses of History.Policy in

Fields in declared as History.Policy
static History.Policy History.Policy.DISABLED
          Don't use the history.
static History.Policy History.Policy.COMMENT
          Insert a single line comment header at the top of every formatted file.
static History.Policy History.Policy.FILE
          Track file modifications in a binary file stored in the Jalopy settings directory.

Methods in that return History.Policy
static History.Policy History.Policy.valueOf(java.lang.String name)
          Returns the policy for the given name.

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