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Packages that use Convention.Key The Jalopy runtime and persistant state storage and configuration facility. 
de.hunsicker.jalopy.swing Provides some building blocks to make implementing a Swing-based, graphical user interface for the Jalopy code convention settings easy. 

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Fields in declared as Convention.Key
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SOURCE_VERSION
          JDK source compatibility version (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COUNTRY
          Uppercase two-letter ISO-3166 code (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LANGUAGE
          Lowercase two-letter ISO-639 code (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.CONVENTION_DESCRIPTION
          Description of the code convention (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.CONVENTION_NAME
          Name of the code convention (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.STYLE_LOCATION
          The location where to load the code convention from (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INSPECTOR
          Enable the code inspector? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_PACKAGE
          Regexp for package names (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_CLASS
          Regexp for class names (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_CLASS_ABSTRACT
          Regexp for abstract class names (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_INTERFACE
          Regexp for interface names (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_LOCAL_VARIABLE
          Regexp for local variables names (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_PARAM
          Regexp for method/ctor parameter names (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_PARAM_FINAL
          Regexp for final method/ctor parameter names (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_LABEL
          Regexp for labels (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_FIELD_PUBLIC
          Regexp for public fields (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_FIELD_PROTECTED
          Regexp for protected fields (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_FIELD_DEFAULT
          Regexp for package protected (default access) fields (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_FIELD_PRIVATE
          Regexp for private fields (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_FIELD_PUBLIC_STATIC
          Regexp for public static fields (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_FIELD_PROTECTED_STATIC
          Regexp for protected static (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_FIELD_DEFAULT_STATIC
          Regexp for package protected (default access) static fields (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_FIELD_PRIVATE_STATIC
          Regexp for private static fields (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_FIELD_PUBLIC_STATIC_FINAL
          Regexp for public static final fields (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_FIELD_PROTECTED_STATIC_FINAL
          Regexp for protected static final fields (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_FIELD_DEFAULT_STATIC_FINAL
          Regexp for package protected (default access) static final fields (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_FIELD_PRIVATE_STATIC_FINAL
          Regexp for private static final fields (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_METHOD_PUBLIC
          Regexp for public methods (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_METHOD_PROTECTED
          Regexp for protected methods (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_METHOD_DEFAULT
          Regexp for package protected (default access) methods (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_METHOD_PRIVATE
          Regexp for private methods (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_METHOD_PUBLIC_STATIC
          Regexp for public static methods (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_METHOD_PROTECTED_STATIC
          Regexp for protected static (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_METHOD_DEFAULT_STATIC
          Regexp for package protected (default access) static methods (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_METHOD_PRIVATE_STATIC
          Regexp for private static methods (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_METHOD_PUBLIC_STATIC_FINAL
          Regexp for public static final methods (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_METHOD_PROTECTED_STATIC_FINAL
          Regexp for protected static final methods (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_METHOD_DEFAULT_STATIC_FINAL
          Regexp for package protected (default access) static final methods (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.REGEXP_METHOD_PRIVATE_STATIC_FINAL
          Regexp for private static final methods (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_STRING_LITERAL_I18N
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_DONT_SUBSTITUTE_OBJECT_EQUALS
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_OBEY_CONTRACT_EQUALS
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_OVERRIDE_HASHCODE
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_OVERRIDE_EQUALS
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_OVERRIDE_TO_STRING
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_INTERFACE_ONLY_FOR_TYPE
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_REPLACE_STRUCTURE_WITH_CLASS
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_RETURN_ZERO_ARRAY
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_REFER_BY_INTERFACE
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_ADHERE_TO_NAMING_CONVENTION
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_NEVER_THROW_EXCEPTION
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_NEVER_THROW_THROWABLE
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_DONT_IGNORE_EXCEPTION
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_NEVER_WAIT_OUTSIDE_LOOP
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_AVOID_THREAD_GROUPS
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_VARIABLE_SHADOW
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_EMPTY_FINALLY
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_DECLARE_COLLECTION_COMMENT
          Perform this code inspection? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.TIP_WRONG_COLLECTION_COMMENT
          Perform this code inspection (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INTERNAL_VERSION
          The version number of the current code convention.
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.MSG_PRIORITY_IO
          Level of the Loggers.IO (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.MSG_PRIORITY_PARSER
          Level of the Loggers.PARSER (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.MSG_PRIORITY_PARSER_JAVADOC
          Level of the Loggers.PARSER_JAVADOC (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.MSG_PRIORITY_PRINTER
          Level of the Loggers.PRINTER (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.MSG_PRIORITY_PRINTER_JAVADOC
          Level of the Loggers.PRINTER_JAVADOC (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.MSG_PRIORITY_TRANSFORM
          Level of the Loggers.TRANSFORM (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.MSG_SHOW_ERROR_STACKTRACE
          Display stacktrace for errors? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.THREAD_COUNT
          Number of processing threads to use (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.ALIGN_PARAMS_METHOD_DEF
          Specifies whether method declaration parameters should be aligned (boolean).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.ALIGN_TERNARY_OPERATOR
          Align the indiviual parts of the ternary operator? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.ALIGN_METHOD_CALL_CHAINS
          Force alignment of indiviual method call chains? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.ALIGN_VAR_ASSIGNS
          Specifies whether variable assignments should be aligned (boolean).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.ALIGN_VAR_IDENTS
          Specifies whether variable identifiers should be aligned (boolean).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BACKUP_DIRECTORY
          The directory where backup files are to be stored (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BACKUP_LEVEL
          Number of backup files to hold (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_AFTER_BLOCK
          Number of blank lines after a block (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_AFTER_BRACE_LEFT
          Force the given number of blank lines after left curly braces (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_AFTER_CLASS
          Number of blank lines after classes (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_AFTER_DECLARATION
          Number of blank lines after declarations (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_AFTER_FOOTER
          Number of blank lines after the footer (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_AFTER_HEADER
          Number of blank lines after the header (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_AFTER_IMPORT
          Number of blank lines after the last import statement (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_AFTER_INTERFACE
          Number of blank lines after interfaces (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_AFTER_METHOD
          Number of blank lines after methods (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_AFTER_PACKAGE
          Number of blank lines after the package statement (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_BEFORE_BLOCK
          Number of blank lines before a block (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_BEFORE_BRACE_RIGHT
          Force the given number of blank lines before right curly braces (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_BEFORE_CASE_BLOCK
          Number of blank lines before a case block (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_BEFORE_COMMENT_JAVADOC
          Number of blank lines before Javadoc comments (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_BEFORE_COMMENT_MULTI_LINE
          Number of blank lines before multi-line comments (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_BEFORE_COMMENT_SINGLE_LINE
          Number of blank lines before single-line commenents (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_BEFORE_CONTROL
          Number of blank lines before a flow control statement (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_BEFORE_DECLARATION
          Number of blank lines before declarations (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_BEFORE_FOOTER
          Number of blank lines before the footer (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_BEFORE_HEADER
          Number of blank lines before the header (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BLANK_LINES_KEEP_UP_TO
          Number of blank lines to keep up to (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BRACE_EMPTY_CUDDLE
          Cuddle empty braces? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BRACE_EMPTY_INSERT_STATEMENT
          Insert an empty statement into empty braces? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BRACE_INSERT_IF_ELSE
          Insert braces around single if-else statements? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BRACE_INSERT_FOR
          Insert unneccessary braces around single for statements? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BRACE_INSERT_WHILE
          Insert braces around single while statements? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BRACE_INSERT_DO_WHILE
          Insert braces around single do-while statements? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BRACE_REMOVE_IF_ELSE
          Remove unneccessary braces around single if-else statements? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BRACE_REMOVE_FOR
          Remove unneccessary braces around single for statements? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BRACE_REMOVE_WHILE
          Remove braces around single while statements? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BRACE_REMOVE_DO_WHILE
          Remove braces around single do-while statements? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BRACE_REMOVE_BLOCK
          Remove unneccessary braces for blocks? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INSERT_TRAILING_NEWLINE
          Print a newline after the last curly brace? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BRACE_TREAT_DIFFERENT
          Should class and method blocks be treated different? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BRACE_TREAT_DIFFERENT_IF_WRAPPED
          Print left braces of class/interface/ctor/method declarations on a new line if either the parameter list or extends, implements or throws clause is wrapped? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.ARRAY_BRACKETS_AFTER_IDENT
          Should the brackets for array types be printed after the type or after the identifier? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.CHUNKS_BY_BLANK_LINES
          Enable chunk detection by blank lines? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.CHUNKS_BY_COMMENTS
          Enable chunk detection by comments? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_FORMAT_MULTI_LINE
          Format multi-line comments? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_CHECK_TAGS
          Check Javadoc standard tags? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_CHECK_TAGS_THROWS
          Should Javadoc &064;throws tags be checked or not? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_FIELDS_SHORT
          Print Javadoc comments for fields in one line if possible? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_TEMPLATE_INTERFACE
          Javadoc template for interfaces (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_TEMPLATE_CLASS
          Javadoc template for classes (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_TEMPLATE_VARIABLE
          Javadoc template for variables (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_TEMPLATE_METHOD_TOP
          Javadoc template for methods, top part (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_TEMPLATE_METHOD_PARAM
          Javadoc template for methods, parameter part (String).
          Javadoc template for methods, exceptions part (String).
          Javadoc template for methods, return part (String).
          Javadoc template for methods, bottom part (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_TEMPLATE_CTOR_TOP
          Javadoc template for constructors, top part (String).
          Javadoc template for constructors, exceptions part (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_TEMPLATE_CTOR_PARAM
          Javadoc template for constructors, parameters part (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_TEMPLATE_CTOR_BOTTOM
          Javadoc template for constructors, bottom part (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_CLASS_MASK
          Insert missing Javadoc comment for classes/interfaces? (int)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_CTOR_MASK
          Insert missing Javadoc comment for constructors? (int)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_VARIABLE_MASK
          Insert missing Javadoc comment for variables? (int)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_METHOD_MASK
          Insert missing Javadoc comment for methods? (int)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_INNER_CLASS
          Insert missing Javadoc comments for inner classes too? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.DONT_COMMENT_JAVADOC_WHEN_ML
          Dont insert missing Javadoc comments if multiline comment exists (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_PARSE
          Parse Javadoc comments or add AS IS? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_REMOVE
          Remove Javadoc comments? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_TRANSFORM
          Transform non-Javadoc comments to Javadoc comments? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_REMOVE_MULTI_LINE
          Remove multi-line comments? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_REMOVE_SINGLE_LINE
          Remove single-line comments? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.FOOTER
          Insert a footer? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.FOOTER_KEYS
          Identify keys of the footers that are to be deleted (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.FOOTER_TEXT
          The footer text (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.FORCE_FORMATTING
          Should the processing of a source file be forced although the file hasn't changed? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INSERT_FINAL_MODIFIER_FOR_PARAMETERS
          Should the "final" modifier be added for method parameters? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.HEADER
          Insert a header? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.HEADER_SMART_MODE_LINES
          Number of comments before the first node (an opening curly brace) that should be treated as header comments (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.FOOTER_SMART_MODE_LINES
          Number of comments after the last node (a closing curly brace) that should be treated as footer comments (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.HEADER_KEYS
          Identify keys of the headers that are to be deleted (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.HEADER_TEXT
          The header text (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.HISTORY_POLICY
          The history policy to use (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.HISTORY_METHOD
          The method used to identify changed files.
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.CLASS_REPOSITORY_DIRECTORY
          Directory to store class repository files (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.IMPORT_POLICY
          Specifies the import optimization policy (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.IMPORT_GROUPING
          Holds grouping info for distinct package names (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.IMPORT_GROUPING_DEPTH
          Default import grouping depth (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.IMPORT_SORT
          Sort import statements? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_CASE_FROM_SWITCH
          Indent case block in switch statements? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_DEEP
          Should standard indentation be used to indent wrapped lines, or rather the deep indentation policy? (boolean).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_CONTINUATION_OPERATOR
          Should continuation indentation be used for operators? (boolean).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_SIZE_CONTINUATION
          Continuation indent size (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_CONTINUATION_BLOCK
          Should continuation indentation be used for statement blocks? (boolean).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_FIRST_COLUMN_COMMENT
          Indent first column comments? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_LABEL
          Indent labels? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_SIZE
          Amount of space to use for indentation (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_SIZE_BRACE_CUDDLED
          Indentation before cuddled braces (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_SIZE_BRACE_LEFT
          Indentation before a left curly brace (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_SIZE_BRACE_RIGHT
          Indentation before a right curly brace (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_SIZE_BRACE_RIGHT_AFTER
          Indentation after a right curly brace (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_SIZE_COMMENT_ENDLINE
          Indentation before an endline comment (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_SIZE_DEEP
          Maximal amount of spaces for wrapping should be forced (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_SIZE_EXTENDS
          Indentation for extends types (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_SIZE_IMPLEMENTS
          Indentation for implements types (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_SIZE_LEADING
          Indentation before every line (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_SIZE_THROWS
          Indentation for throws types (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_SIZE_TABS
          Number of spaces to assume for tabs (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_WITH_TABS
          Fill gaps with tabs? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INDENT_WITH_TABS_ONLY_LEADING
          Use spaces for continuation after tabs? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INSERT_EXPRESSION_PARENTHESIS
          Insert parenthesis around expressions to make precedence clear? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INSERT_LOGGING_CONDITIONAL
          Insert conditional expresssion for debug logging calls? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.INSERT_SERIAL_UID
          Insert serial version UID for serializable classes? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_TAGS_INLINE
          Custom Javadoc in-line tags definitions (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_JAVADOC_TAGS_STANDARD
          Custom Javadoc standard tags definitions (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.PADDING_ASSIGNMENT_OPERATORS
          Pad assignment operators? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.PADDING_BITWISE_OPERATORS
          Pad bitwise operators? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.PADDING_BRACES
          Insert spaces after the left, and before the right curly brace for array initializations? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.PADDING_BRACKETS
          Insert spaces after the left, and before the right bracket? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.PADDING_CAST
          Insert spaces after the left, and before the right type cast parenthesis? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.PADDING_LOGICAL_OPERATORS
          Pad logical operators? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.PADDING_MATH_OPERATORS
          Pad mathematical operators? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.PADDING_PAREN
          Insert spaces after the left, and before the right parenthesis? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.PADDING_RELATIONAL_OPERATORS
          Pad relational operators? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.PADDING_SHIFT_OPERATORS
          Pad shift operators? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SORT
          Sort the different elements of a Java source file? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SORT_CLASS
          Sort classes declarations? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SORT_ANNOTATION
          Sort annotation declarations? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SORT_ENUM
          Sort enum declarations? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SORT_CTOR
          Sort constructors declarations? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SORT_INTERFACE
          Sort interfaces declarations? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SORT_METHOD
          Sort methods declarations? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SORT_METHOD_BEAN
          Sort method bean declarations? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SORT_MODIFIERS
          Sort modifers? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SORT_ORDER
          String indicating the declaration sort order (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SORT_ORDER_MODIFIERS
          String indicating the modifiers sort order (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SORT_VARIABLE
          Sort variable declarations? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.ENVIRONMENT
          String encoded environment variables (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SPACE_AFTER_CAST
          Print a space after type casting? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SPACE_AFTER_COMMA
          Print a space after a comma? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SPACE_AFTER_SEMICOLON
          Print a space after a semicolon? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SPACE_BEFORE_BRACES
          Print a space before braces (of arrays)? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SPACE_BEFORE_BRACKETS
          Print a space before brackets? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SPACE_BEFORE_BRACKETS_TYPES
          Print a space before types with brackets (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SPACE_BEFORE_CASE_COLON
          Print a space before the colon of a case block? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SPACE_BEFORE_LOGICAL_NOT
          Print a space before the negation of boolean expressions? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SPACE_BEFORE_METHOD_CALL_PAREN
          Print a space before method call parenthesis? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SPACE_BEFORE_METHOD_DEF_PAREN
          Print a space before method definition parenthesis? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SPACE_BEFORE_STATEMENT_PAREN
          Print a space before java statement parenthesis? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.STRIP_QUALIFICATION
          Strip qualification for identifiers? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SEPARATOR_FILL_CHARACTER
          The fill character to use for the separator comments (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_INSERT_SEPARATOR
          Insert separator comments between the different tree portions ( class/interface/variable/method/constructor/initialiation declarations)? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.COMMENT_INSERT_SEPARATOR_RECURSIVE
          Insert separator comments between the different tree portions of inner classes/interfaces (a.k.a recursively)? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SEPARATOR_STATIC_VAR_INIT
          Separator text for the static variables and initalizers section (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SEPARATOR_INSTANCE_VAR
          Separator text for the instance variables section (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SEPARATOR_INSTANCE_INIT
          Separator text for the instance initializers section (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SEPARATOR_ANNOTATION_INIT
          Separator text for the annotation section (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SEPARATOR_ENUM_INIT
          Separator text for the enumeration section (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SEPARATOR_ENUM_CONSTANT_INIT
          Separator text for the enumeration constant section (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SEPARATOR_CTOR
          Separator text for the constructors section (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SEPARATOR_METHOD
          Separator text for the methods section (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SEPARATOR_INTERFACE
          Separator text for the interfaces section (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.SEPARATOR_CLASS
          Separator text for the inner classes section (String).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_LENGTH
          Number of characters in each line(int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP
          Use line wrapping? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_AFTER_ASSIGN
          Prefer wrapping after assignments? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_PAREN_GROUPING
          Wrap and indent expressions in grouping parentheses ? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_AFTER_LEFT_PAREN
          Prefer line wrapping after the left parentheses of parameter/expression lists? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_BEFORE_RIGHT_PAREN
          Insert a newline before the right parentheses of parameter/epxression lists? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_BEFORE_OPERATOR
          Should line wrapping be performed before or after operators? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_AFTER_PARAMS_METHOD_CALL
          Force wrapping/alignment after parameters for method calls? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_AFTER_CHAINED_METHOD_CALL
          Force wrapping/alignment of chained method? (boolean)
          Force wrapping/alignment after parameters for method calls if they contain at least one other method call? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_AFTER_PARAMS_METHOD_DEF
          Force wrapping/alignment of parameters for method/constructor declarations? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.ALIGN_TERNARY_EXPRESSION
          Force wrapping after the first ternary operand? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.ALIGN_TERNARY_VALUES
          Force wrapping after the second ternary operand? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_AFTER_LABEL
          Print newline after labels? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BRACE_NEWLINE_LEFT
          Print newline before left braces? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BRACE_NEWLINE_RIGHT
          Print newline after right braces? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_AFTER_TYPES_EXTENDS
          Force alignment of extends types for class/interface declarations? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_AFTER_TYPES_IMPLEMENTS
          Force alignment of implements types for class/interface declarations? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_AFTER_TYPES_THROWS
          Force wrapping/alignment of exception types for method/ctor declarations? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_ARRAY_ELEMENTS
          Force wrapping/alignment after given number of array elements (int).
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.ENUM_LCURLY_NO_NEW_LINE
          Enumeration LCURLY statrts new line ? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.ENUM_ALIGN_VALUES_WHEN_EXCEEDS
          Force alignment of wrapping ENUM values after a certain amount ? (int)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.ANON_LCURLY_NO_NEW_LINE
          Annotation LCURLY statrts new line ? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.ANON_DEF_LCURLY_NO_NEW_LINE
          Annotation Def LCURLY statrts new line ? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.ANON_ALIGN_VALUES_WHEN_EXCEEDS
          Force alignment of wrapping ANON values after a certain amount ? (int)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.ANON_DEF_ALIGN_VALUES_WHEN_EXCEEDS
          Force alignment of wrapping ANON DEF values after a certain amount ? (int)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_BEFORE_IMPLEMENTS
          Force line wrapping before implements? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_BEFORE_EXTENDS
          Force line wrapping before extends? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_BEFORE_THROWS
          Force line wrapping before throws? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_AFTER_TYPES_EXTENDS_EXCEED
          Force alignment of extends types for class/interface declarations? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_AFTER_TYPES_IMPLEMENTS_EXCEED
          Force alignment of implements types for class/interface declarations? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_PARAMS_EXCEED
          Force wrapping/alignment of successive parameters/expression if the first parameter/expression was wrapped ? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_PARAMS_HARD
          If it is better to wrap the parameters deeply then do so (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_PARAMS_DEEP
          When wrapping parameters always do it deeply (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.LINE_WRAP_AFTER_TYPES_THROWS_EXCEED
          Force alignment of throws types for method/ctor declarations? (boolean)
static Convention.Key ConventionKeys.BRACE_ADD_COMMENT
          Add comments like end if and end switch after brace blocks

Methods in with parameters of type Convention.Key
static boolean ConventionKeys.isValid(Convention.Key key)
          Determines whether the given key is valid.
 boolean Convention.getBoolean(Convention.Key key, boolean def)
          Returns the boolean value associated with the given key.
 int Convention.getInt(Convention.Key key, int def)
          Returns the int value represented by the string associated with the specified key in this preference node.
 java.lang.String Convention.get(Convention.Key key, java.lang.String def)
          Returns the value associated with the given key.
 void Convention.put(Convention.Key key, java.lang.String value)
          Implements the put method as per the specification in Convention.put(Convention.Key,String).
 void Convention.putBoolean(Convention.Key key, boolean value)
          Implements the putBoolean method as per the specification in Convention.putBoolean(Convention.Key,boolean).
 void Convention.putInt(Convention.Key key, int value)
          Implements the putInt method as per the specification in Convention.putInt(Convention.Key,int).

Uses of Convention.Key in de.hunsicker.jalopy.swing

Methods in de.hunsicker.jalopy.swing that return Convention.Key
protected  Convention.Key HeaderSettingsPage.getBlankLinesAfterKey()
          Returns the settings key to store the setting.
protected  Convention.Key HeaderSettingsPage.getBlankLinesBeforeKey()
          Returns the settings key to store the setting.
protected  Convention.Key HeaderSettingsPage.getConventionKeysKey()
          Returns the settings key to store the setting.
protected  Convention.Key HeaderSettingsPage.getSmartModeKey()
          Returns the settings key to store the setting.
protected  Convention.Key HeaderSettingsPage.getTextKey()
          Returns the settings key to store the setting.
protected  Convention.Key HeaderSettingsPage.getUseKey()
          Returns the settings key to store the setting.
protected  Convention.Key FooterSettingsPage.getBlankLinesAfterKey()
          Returns the settings key to store the setting.
protected  Convention.Key FooterSettingsPage.getBlankLinesBeforeKey()
          Returns the settings key to store the setting.
protected  Convention.Key FooterSettingsPage.getConventionKeysKey()
          Returns the settings key to store the setting.
protected  Convention.Key FooterSettingsPage.getSmartModeKey()
          Returns the settings key to store the setting.
protected  Convention.Key FooterSettingsPage.getTextKey()
          Returns the settings key to store the setting.
protected  Convention.Key FooterSettingsPage.getUseKey()
          Returns the settings key to store the setting.

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