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de.hunsicker.jalopy.printer Provides classes and interfaces for handling the AST output. 

Uses of NodeWriter in de.hunsicker.jalopy.printer

Methods in de.hunsicker.jalopy.printer with parameters of type NodeWriter
 void VariableParameterDefPrinter.print(antlr.collections.AST node, NodeWriter out)
          Adds a marker
 void UnknownPrinter.print(antlr.collections.AST node, NodeWriter out)
 void TypeParametersPrinter.print(antlr.collections.AST node, NodeWriter out)
          Prints the type arguments
 void TypeArgumentsPrinter.print(antlr.collections.AST node, NodeWriter out)
static Printer PrinterFactory.create(antlr.collections.AST node, NodeWriter out)
          Returns a printer instance for the given node.
 void Printer.print(antlr.collections.AST node, NodeWriter out)
          Outputs the given node.
 void EnumPrinter.print(antlr.collections.AST node, NodeWriter out)
          Prints the enumeration
 void EnumConstantPrinter.print(antlr.collections.AST node, NodeWriter out)
          Prints the children.
 void AnnotationsPrinter.print(antlr.collections.AST node, NodeWriter out)
 void AnnotationMemberValuePairPrinter.print(antlr.collections.AST node, NodeWriter out)
          Prints the member value pairs
 void AnnotationFieldPrinter.print(antlr.collections.AST node, NodeWriter out)
          Prints the field annotation.
 void AnnotationDefPrinter.print(antlr.collections.AST node, NodeWriter out)
          Adds a marker
 void AnnotatePrinter.print(antlr.collections.AST node, NodeWriter out)
          Prints the annotation as defined in the modifier

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