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Packages that use JavaNode
de.hunsicker.jalopy Contains the main classes to directly interact with the Jalopy formatting engine. 
de.hunsicker.jalopy.language Contains all classes related to the task of language recognition and processing. 

Uses of JavaNode in de.hunsicker.jalopy

Methods in de.hunsicker.jalopy that return JavaNode
 JavaNode Jalopy.parse()
          Parses the (via Jalopy.setInput(File)) specified input source.

Methods in de.hunsicker.jalopy with parameters of type JavaNode
 void Jalopy.inspect(JavaNode tree)
          Inspects the given Java AST for code convention violations and coding weaknesses.

Uses of JavaNode in de.hunsicker.jalopy.language

Methods in de.hunsicker.jalopy.language that return JavaNode
static JavaNode JavaNodeHelper.getLastChild(antlr.collections.AST node)
          DOCUMENT ME!

Methods in de.hunsicker.jalopy.language with parameters of type JavaNode
protected  void JavaParser.attachStuff(JavaNode[] nodes)
          Attaches the items to the correct nodes
static boolean JavaNodeHelper.isFreestandingBlock(JavaNode node)
          Determines whether the given node represents a freestanding block.

Uses of JavaNode in de.hunsicker.jalopy.language.antlr

Fields in de.hunsicker.jalopy.language.antlr declared as JavaNode
protected  JavaNode JavaNode.parent
          Parent node.
protected  JavaNode JavaNode.prevSibling
          Previous node.

Methods in de.hunsicker.jalopy.language.antlr that return JavaNode
 JavaNode JavaNodeFactory.create(int startLine, int startColumn, int endLine, int endColumn)
 JavaNode JavaNode.getParent()
          Returns the parent node of this node.
 JavaNode JavaNode.getPreviousSibling()
          Returns the previous sibling of this node.

Methods in de.hunsicker.jalopy.language.antlr with parameters of type JavaNode
 void JavaNode.setParent(JavaNode node)
          Sets the parent to the given node.
 void JavaNode.setPreviousSibling(JavaNode node)
          Sets the previous sibling to the given node.

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